About the company

We are reviving the tradition of 1740 – grow hemp. We are happy to offer you products from our own production. 

We export agro and timber industry, rolled metal products, fertilizers, plywood, furniture boards, used farm machinery from Russia.

Our story began in October 2021, when one Artem called another Artem and they decided to create a company called Trading House Hemp Industry LLC. 

Presentations and commercial offers

1. Cold-pressed organic seed oil from Russia – Download

2. Hemp coffee – Download

3. Handmade Wild Bull leather goods for export from Russia – Download

4. Design engineers services – Download

5. Birch Plywood Price List – Download

6. Hemp and flax seeds for oil – Download

7. Hemp Paper – Download

8. Sunflower oil – Download

9. Hemp fiber – Download

10. Timber – Download

Prices are not final and may not match the price in presentations and price lists. Prices are indicative and it is worth checking prices at the time of the transaction. Prices and conditions for other goods and services on request: https://tdkp.site/services/