hemp in Russia

How to start a hemp business in Russia?

Beginning farmers come to our hemp community and ask the same question, which I will answer today. My name is Artem, I am the co-owner and general director of Hemp Industry Trading House LLC. We’ve been in the hemp business for over a year now and I can share my thoughts on where is the best place to start?

LOI example

What is Letter of Intent (LOI) ?

On the letter form indicate the mandatory items: the name of the Commodities, the target purchase price, delivery volumes, port of reception, specifications of the Commodities, payer’s bank, company details, company website, signature and seal of the head of the company.

Remote Sales Agent

Our company is engaged in the cultivation and sale of oilseeds, vegetable oil, mineral and organic fertilizers in Russia. We invite an agent for the sale of agricultural products is international trade between Russia and the world. Responsibilities: Requirements: We offer: Contacts:TG/WA/WeChat/TM: +79922882857Email: hempbigstore@gmail.com