Mustard from Russia

Mustard from Russia

Mustard is one of the few crops suitable for growing in dry conditions, the main thing is to make the right choice of variety. From an agrotechnical point of view mustard is a good precursor for all crops, helps to reduce the clogging of the soil, it also improves the structure and increases soil fertility. And mustard itself grows well after cereals, legumes and row crops.

Last year the culture showed a high yield – 1.2 tons/ha, which is 230 kg/ha higher than in 2021.

The crop is mainly grown to produce oil seeds, which are used to produce mustard oil. Mustard seed oil is used in the food industry and for technical purposes.

Mustard cake after special processing can be used to create protein feed for animals. Mustard powder is a by-product of oil production.

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