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The Online Russian Speaking Club for Foreign Businessmen from all over the world

Russian Speaking Club is a place where you can consult and get the necessary information, an environment for sharing experiences in a russian language. It is difficult and long to do it alone, you need a group of people with different perspective and level of intellectual and mental development. With different life experiences, with different connections and interests. In the club can find each other producer of goods or services, and a specialist in lead generation.

Topic for zoom meetings

  • Secrets of online lead generation.
  • How to export products and services easily and simply?
  • How to build an international export business?
  • How to build a billion dollar company?
  • How to open Trading Houses around the world, building a network of companies?
  • The power of thought and its role in life.
  • How to organize transactions 24/7 from anywhere in the world?

The goal of

To learn to speak Russian easily and fluently.

Club objectives

  • Learning to speak a russian language easily and freely on the topic of business.
  • We learn how to create a flow of potential clients with the help of SEO content (social networks, article marketing, YouTube videos). In this case, potential customers are hot, write and call themselves, and therefore buy.
  • Learning how to act effectively. Taking actions that produce results with minimal effort. The club has a system of monthly progress reports.

How the club meetings are held

  • Online video conferencing
  • Offline meetings by appointment between participants.

For whom – You need to practice the Russian language

  • Internet entrepreneurs – You need to practice the Russian language
  • Business owners – You need to practice the Russian language
  • Top managers – You need to practice the Russian language
  • Experts in FEA – You need to practice the Russian language

Terms of admission to the private club

Membership fee every 1st 990 rubles.

Trial period (for free): 2 week

Who is in the group

There can be several groups. In the group can not be members with the same goods and services.

Video conferences: what will be at them, who conducts them?

Participants meet as a group by video link every day on weekdays. Time is agreed upon depending on the location of the participants. Practice Russian on the above topics.

How will the participants help each other? How will this be implemented?

Participants help each other with their experience, secrets and connections in their networking in Russian.

How long is the online meeting?

30-40 minutes each day. Groups of up to 5 participants, unlimited number of groups.

What level of the language should be?

In these clubs people with the same level of proficiency are chosen, no more than 5 people, which gives everyone the opportunity to express his/her opinion. Topics: business, marketing, sales, export, import.

The approach is highly questionable for learning a foreign language from a pedagogical point of view.

I do not teach anyone a foreign language, but provide an environment in which you can speak in Russian. This is the key to mastering any language. The main thing is not to know the rules, but to try to speak with what you already have. Online conversation clubs can help improve pronunciation, overcome the language barrier, and remove academic expressions from speech.

I don’t see what the point of that is for people. If you meet a group with a bad level of Russian, what can they teach each other? If a good level with a bad level meet, it’s torture for one. And with a good level you can and should talk to a normal native speaker.

This is not a school, but an environment to practice speaking. Go to a tutor to learn, and we have practice. The environment in which they discuss topics of international business. Secondly, this is business networking.

Can someone who has a low level get into a group with someone who has a high level, thereby raising your level?

Increase your vocabulary on your own. Come develop your speaking skills with your peers.

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Russian Speaking Club