softwood pellets from russia

Wood pellets from Russia: premium quality EN+ A1 / 6 mm softwood pellets

Fuel pellets are small in size (diameter 4-8 mm, length from 0.5 to 7 cm) cylindrical wood pellets, made on special equipment and intended mainly for heating. In Western European countries, pellets have long been successfully used for heating cottages, country residences.

One of the main advantages is the environmental friendliness of the raw material. An important advantage and the ability to use pellets in automated systems: loose pellets are poured into a special tank and fed into the boiler by automated means, without any human involvement in the process.

This is a significant advantage over other types of solid fuel: chopped wood, coal, briquettes, which to maintain the combustion process you regularly need to manually feed into the oven. Fuel pellets retain heat well.

What is ENPlus certification

ENplus is a special quality standard that applies to both producers of wood fuel pellets (pellets) and distributors, it provides an internationally recognized framework that puts quality at the heart of the pellet production and distribution process.

Certification under the ENplus scheme helps to ensure a reliable demand for your wood pellets and is virtually mandatory for access to the major European heat and power markets. With certification, pellet producers have the opportunity to achieve the highest quality of production.

Pellet production in Russia

Light (white) pellets made from high-quality debarked wood or sawdust are valued above black and gray for their higher density and heat output, low dust content, lower ash content.

Our partner’s pellet plant is designed to produce up to 30,000 tons of pellets annually. Production of fuel pellets made it possible to minimize the volume of unprocessed wood waste and improve the environmental situation. A significant part of the biofuel is exported to various countries of the world.

Fuel pellets

wood pellets

General information about fuel pellets

Wood pellets (pellets) – environmentally friendly, renewable source of energy. The initial raw material for the production of pellets – pressed, finely chopped dry wood waste (sawdust, shavings, chips).

The finished product – wood pellets (from chemically untreated waste wood without bark), OKPD2 code, GOST 33103.1-2017 “Solid biofuel”. Kind composition of raw materials: 70% spruce, 30% pine.

The main qualitative characteristics of pellets are confirmed by laboratory analysis.

Wood fuel pellets are used both by private households for space heating and industrial customers (at thermal power plants) for heat and electricity production.


Diameter: 6 mm
Length: 3.15 < L < 40 mm
Bulk density: 600 – 750 kg/m3
Lower heating value: ≥ 4.6 Kilowatt hour/kg
Moisture content: ≤ 10%
Ash content: ≤ 0,7%

Shipping fuel pellets

The main method of shipment of fuel pellets – pellets in big-bags or in polyethylene bags with stacking on a wooden pallet: by truck from the warehouse of the plant.

Fuel pellets packaging

The main way of packing wood pellets is in big-bags. It is possible to pack products in 15 kg polyethylene bags with the customer’s design.

Eco-friendliness of fuel pellets

100% of raw materials for the production of pellets are certified according to FSC standards. The quality of fuel pellets – pellets meets the highest requirements of European standards SBP and EN Plus A1.

Pellet production in Russia photo

Pellet production in Russia

In the shop a complex technological line of the company “Amandus Kahl Gmbh & Co. KG” (Germany), as well as automatic packing machine for wood pellets with stacking on the pallet by “Robotika Kogler” (Slovenia).

Production of fuel pellets required more heat energy. The construction of a new boiler house at the timber plant allowed to bring the pellet plant to its full production capacity – up to 30,000 tons per year.

The geographical location of pellet production allows shipment of products to markets in Europe and Asia.

wood pellets from russia

Certificate for softwood fuel pellets


Approximate price with delivery to Istanbul by container 325 USD per ton without unloading at the port. There are 24 tons in the container.

EXW Russia: RUB 7100 / MT