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Hemp Industry Trading House

Export from Russia all over the world

What we do?

We grow hemp in Russia in the Vologda region.
We produce and sell raw materials, products from hemp and flax in Russia.
We export from Russia agricultural and timber products.
trading house export from russia

We are A Trading House

A trading house is a business that specializes in facilitating transactions between a home country and foreign countries.

A trading house is an exporter, importer, as well as a merchant who buys and sells goods for other enterprises.

Trading houses provide services to businesses that want international trade experts to receive or deliver goods or services.

Trading houses have an extensive network of contacts in international markets, which helps them to conclude profitable deals and find new customers.

Trading houses are intermediaries used by manufacturers to facilitate trade abroad.

Trading houses offer a wide range of services, from working as manufacturer’s agents in the foreign market to simplifying the import-export process through links with local connections.

I’m all for everyone fulfilling their strongest role. Farmers grow crops. Producers produce goods and services. Forwarders – deliver and oversee delivery. Traders – sell. 

This allows everyone to take full responsibility for their part of the process and focus on their strengths. 

CEO at Trading House “Hemp Industry” – Artem Ivanov

Artem Ivanov CEO at Trading House Hemp Industry